I Got the Job…. Now what?
January 15, 2018

Finding the right person and ensuring that they stay requires sound planning and positive action. Often, the person is to be found as quickly as possible. This is usually the most costly option.

Appointing the right person is of such strategic importance that it requires depth and a well-formulated strategy that will not only attract and retain top talent, but also develop the persons and their contribution to the company.


  1. Objectives – Clearly define your objectives for the position and the type of person and skills required. Establish why the previous incumbent left to avoid the expense and disruption of staff turnover.
  2. Company brand – Create a positive company brand. Candidates will search the internet to explore your company and its employment possibilities. Especially the tech savvy millennials have controversial expectations of the work environment. They’re not only looking for a job, but also for opportunities to grow personally.
  3. Behavioural characteristics – One should not only consider a person’s skills, functional abilities and experience, but also their behavioural characteristics. These can be measured via various tools and matched to the job and company culture to make the right selection.
  4. Internal candidates – Consider internal candidates as immediate recruitment externally may demotivate current employees. Explain why external recruitment is necessary while demonstrating commitment to internal promotion when appropriate.
  5. Recruitment tactics – Decide on the best recruitment tactics for the position and candidate. These could include internal recruitment, recruitment agencies, associations or special interest groups, referrals, events, job boards and social media.
  6. Pre-screening candidates – This will save interviewing, selection time and cost. Various tools exist to provide further insights regarding candidates on paper. The assessment of competencies will assist in ensuring a meaningful fit of person, company and job.
  7. Candidate’s potential – Focus on the candidate’s potential. While skills and experience may seem essential, people can acquire knowledge and will be motivated by tasks that fit their profile and needs.
  8. Trends and legislation – Be fully aware of the environment in which you operate in terms of trends, legislation and industry codes. It is an evolving target and needs ongoing awareness.
  9. Your reputation – Everyone who shows interest in your company is a potential ambassador or customer. The process must be professional and enhance the reputation of those involved.

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