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Business Coaching

Graeme is an accredited Business and Executive Coach.

If considering coaching the question should be asked… “Would hiring a business coach be the right decision for you?”

The hiring of a coach is a highly personal process, and there are numbers of factors to consider. You need to think about your current situation, your own personal goals and objectives, your business’s immediate and most important needs, and whether you’re ready to make the commitment of working with a coach to grow and achieve these.

This is not a decision to be taken lightly and only you can determine whether working with a business coach is the right choice for you and your company. However, after running our own businesses, having had a corporate career and since coaching small business owners and company executives, we believe that there are strong indicators of when an individual is ready to work with and benefit from retaining a business coach.

A business coach will benefit you if:

  • You do not feel that you are achieving your goals and objectives.
  • Your business isn’t growing as quickly as you would like.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by too many responsibilities.
  • You don’t have a strategy for growing and developing your business or career.
  • You’re only focusing on the tasks that need to get done.
  • You don’t feel that you are making progress and being “ahead of the game”.
  • You feel too immersed in your business and that you need a qualified outsider’s input.
  • You can’t find the right balance between work and personal time.
  • You want to see dramatic improvements to your business but aren’t sure how to make that happen.

If your answer to any one (or more) of the above is affirmative, there is a very strong chance that working with a business coach is exactly what you need to take your career and business to the next level.

Contact The Reid Business for a complimentary full analysis of your needs.

Executive Development and Training

Along with business and executive coaching The Reid Business is available for corporate training. With significant experience conducting training programmes across South Africa we provide both skilled and experienced resources. Combining extensive knowledge and experience with business and executive coaching, we can tailor unique development solutions. Programs in internal coaching and project management are available.

Compliance & Audits

Compliance Audits

We understand that following through on a Corporate Identity and effectively maintaining compliance at all levels can be both time consuming and expensive. The Reid Business utilises it’s associate network to create cost effective, swift solutions for your business. Our experienced consultants are nationally based which means that travel expenses are reduced and we can effectively conduct physical visits, online capturing, photographs and audited reporting with clients across Southern Africa.

We have highly developed expertise in the motor industry and that of the motor body repair industry with National clients and projects in these arenas.

Project Proficiency

Project Proficiency

The Reid Business successfully manages ongoing projects for key clients with a dedicated support team. One of our clients has subcontracted us for four years, and since project inception, we have been operating seamlessly within the client’s operations and have been accountable for a significant contribution to the organisational results.

Project Management

We work with clients to develop effective solutions and provide guidance and training for specific areas that need improvement, development or management. If need be, Project Management training is also conducted for our clients.

Business Analysis

The Reid Business is able to provide an extensive analysis of any organisation in order to identify its needs, problems and opportunities, while developing effective solutions. From process improvement all the way through to organisational change and strategic planning, our team will assist in identifying the core of any issue and ultimately find a resolution.

Market Research

Market Research

The Reid Business has many years’ experience in market research and specialises in the automotive industry at manufacturer and dealer level. Our market research experience includes conducting in-depth industry research projects, focus groups, clinics and development studies.

The Reid Business specialises in working with manufacturers, importers, dealer groups, dealers and suppliers, insurance companies, industry organisations and motor body repairers across the country.

With its experienced team and associates, the Reid Business is able to deliver both qualitative and quantitative research projects.

Personal Development Analysis

PDA – Personal Development Analysis

The Reid Business is a PDA Gold Partner and is accredited to use and share the PDA suite of tools.

PDA is a behavioural assessment tool that uses a simple, precise and scientific methodology to discover and analyse peoples’ behavioural profiles. It allows us to uncover the behavioural and competency requirements of a job in order to ensure that the right people are selected and developed for designated positions. The PDA Assessment does not categorise behavioural profiles as “good or bad”; but instead, describes what the evaluated individual’s behavioural characteristics are.

If you would like to know more about this impressive management tool contact us and examine the PDA International website.

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