17 July 2017

“I can highly recommend The Reid Business!
I was so busy working in the business I had neglected working on the business. Graeme regained my focus and encouraged me to see that I had more potential than I even realized.

I was reminded of the importance of relationships and that people are what make business great.

I cannot express my gratitude for assisting me; not only to realize the importance of relationships in business; but to also to take time for myself; yet always keeping my eye on the ball no matter what is going on in my life.”

Yours faithfully

Angelique Adcock
CEO and Owner

13 July 2017

“Had breakfast with Graeme this morning in Johannesburg. He’s an amazing bloke and an old friend. Delighted to see his marketing rolling across my screen – if you need a business coach… he is the real deal! (Happy to recommend him).”

Michael Jackson
Professional Speaker

23 April 2016

“I have always found Graeme to be of invaluable assistance, patient and with a wealth of knowledge and his experience is leading me to develop myself in dealing with labour law, staff development and strategic development for my company.”

Yours faithfully

Kaashief Niekerk
Director: Technology and Special Projects
Metro Security Services

4 August 2015

“Lightstone Consumer use The Reid Business regularly on a number of assignments.  Graeme provides a cost effective and efficient solution; always delivering on time, always exceeding expectations.  We have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Paul De Vantier
CEO Lightstone Consumer.

17 January 2017

“Graeme brings with him a wealth of practical business experience linked to his previous corporate roles and his own businesses and he generously shares this valuable knowledge with his clients.  Due to his vast business experience he has the ability to accurately assess a situation and decide on the way forward in a manner which is practical and makes sound business sense.”

Yours faithfully


05 April 2016

“Graeme has, in my view, brought his formidable experience in business, as well as in the field of business and executive coaching, to our sessions. He has imparted invaluable advice to me, identified and supplied useful resources and literature to aid the process, guided me in seeking solutions to business and practice-related.”


Yours sincerely,


22nd June 2015

“While working with Graeme, I found him very approachable, energetic, efficient and knowledgeable.  He always presented himself in a direct, honest and thoughtful manner.”

Marilyn POHLER

23 June 2015

“There have been some personal realisations about myself that I have never truly regarded as stumbling blocks in my career development, until now (surprise!).  However, with Graeme’s coaching and patience I can actually see myself improving in my thinking and actions on a daily basis.  Graeme is highly observant, understanding but also direct (the perfect sounding board). ”

Yours sincerely

Loni Hutchison
Lead Consultant

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